How the Life Begins (Famous Photograph)


How the life begins. Photograph by Lennart Nilsson.

Today’s famous photograph gives us some insight in the development of human fetus inside the womb. This photograph was published on the cover page of April 30, 1965 edition of the Life magazine. The magazine had published 16 photographs of the beginning of human life on 16 pages.

These photographs were shot by a Swedish scientist named Lennart Nilsson. He had began to experiments with photographing blood vessels and body cavities in early 1960s. But Nilsson shot to international fame after he managed to capture in vivo images of human fetus development. In vivo means that the images were captured in natural existence of the embryo. These images were among the very first clear images of how human fetus develops into a baby.

The issue of Life magazine that published these photographs sold 8 million copies in just four days. This demonstrates how curious people had been to know about life before birth. The 16 photographs published in the magazine were reproduced from Nilsson’s book “A Child is Born” (published in 1965). Some of these photographs were also placed on Voyager spacecrafts. Voyager 1 and 2 are space probes that were launched in 1977 to explore the space outside the solar system. Important and representative material of mankind was placed on these spacecrafts (so that if the spacecrafts reach another intelligent life form in space -they could deliver this information about human beings).

Do you know that Voyager 1 is the farthest man-made object from Earth? Voyager 1 is on the course of exiting our solar system.

Well, the photograph that you see here is that of an aborted fetus. This photograph was widely used by the pro-life (right-to-life) activists around the world. In order to photograph as many stages of life before birth as possible, Nilsson used fetus inside the womb, extrautirine pregnancies and also the aborted fetus.

Nilsson’s photographs are often used in debates about abortion. One of the key questions that directs these debates is when the life actually begins (meaning at which stage of development the human embryo could be called alive). Nilsson himself did not give any conclusive answer to this question but nevertheless his photographs gave us the portraits of life before birth.

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